Plumbing Repipes

Older Home? Water Pressure Down? Repipes May Be in Your Future.

How to Be Sure Your Repipe Project Is Done Right, So You Don’t Have to Do It Again

Why are your friends and neighbors calling J&L Plumbing for repipes? Because although you never see it, a vast network of hidden pipes carries water from the water supply, whether city or well, to the various fixtures in your house. There you use it for bathing, washing dishes and in many cases, drinking straight from the tap. Consequently, if your pipes are broken, defective or merely old, you may need to replace them in order to ensure the safety of your water supply and the structural integrity of your home.

Why Repipe?

Why might you need to repipe your house, you’re wondering? Contractors used to use certain materials in building houses which we’ve since discovered do not hold up well and may put your home at risk of flooding or leaking. Even small leaks can cause mold, which is dangerous to health. Water also reacts with the metal in pipes, eating away the lining and causing corrosion that can lead to rusty or discolored water.

Does Your Home Need Repipes Services?

Whether you have noticed serious problems, such as rusty water and mold, or would like to replace your pipes before you do, give us a call. Our expert team will assess your situation and offer a quote, then complete the job with minimal interruption to your daily routines, ensuring you have water at least part of every day. It is always our goal to provide services with as little hassle to you as possible, so we go out of our way to be unobtrusive, tidy and efficient.

What to Expect with J&L Plumbing Repipes

Our repipe services entirely replace the pipes leading from the water supply to the exit points in sinks, faucets, toilets and more around your home. Although some companies get lazy at this point, we don’t: We’ll dig absolutely everything out and replace it all, so that you won’t experience the same problem down the road. Plus, we do a seamless job putting the space we’ve worked on back together, replacing drywall and repainting so that your home looks as good as new… and underneath the surface, actually is!

To talk to one of our experienced professionals about our repipe services call J&L Plumbing & Drain at 916-205-8455.