Remodel Plumber

Upgrading Your Bathroom or Kitchen? Remodel Plumbing Is Our Specialty

Top of the Line Fixtures Demand Top of the Line Remodel Plumbing Experts

When you remodel a bathroom or a kitchen, chances are you’ll need to update the plumbing that leads to sinks, toilets, refrigerators, bathtubs, showers and other fixtures. This makes it important to call in a plumber who understands residential systems, so that your home is in the best, most qualified hands during the remodel – especially if yours is a complicated or high-end project.

At J&L Plumbing & Drain, we are that qualified company. All of our professionals have at least 10 years’ worth of experience on the job, and know residential systems inside and out. Plus, we know how to work on a home without causing unsightly damage that will only result in more work for you or other contractors.

Unlike plumbers who work in homes that are still being built, a remodel expert must be able to work without causing damage to surrounding areas, putting down protective materials and cutting the smallest holes necessary to get the job done, then refilling them expertly so you can’t even tell where the work was.

We work with many contractors on remodel jobs, and our work is recognized as top-quality, efficient, thorough and all-around good. We are happy to provide references if you’d like to hear from previous people who are satisfied with our work.

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