Water Filtration

J & L Plumbing & Drain is an authorized installer of Halo water filtration systems in Sacramento and surrounding counties. When it comes to water filtration we only want to offer the best for our valued customers. Halo Systems are top of the line.

For the past few years, the company has been working hard in developing and perfecting cutting edge technologies for water treatment.

The Halo Water Treatment System is capable of offering its customers a large variety of products that will fit everyone’s needs, commercial and residential customers.

Here is a list of the most popular water treatment equipment offered by the company:
Halo ION, Halo Pure, Halo 3-Stage, Halo 5-Stage, Halo Guardian.

Halo 5 is one of the most complete whole house water purifying systems available today; the equipment is built by Halo Water Systems Corporation.

What Is Halo 5?
The system is called Halo 5 due to its unique 5 stages for water treatment. Halo 5 was designed for the purpose of delivering pure and conditioned water for the whole home.

The Halo 5water purification system has the capacity to treat anywhere between 800,000 and 1,000,000 gallons of water for any given household.

Most of the other similar systems available in the market today only treat half of the water volume that Halo 5 does and, a majority of those systems require ongoing maintenance, which also costs money. Halo 5 requires no maintenance.

Also, for a typical family of 4 people, the system is expected to last between 10 to 15 years of maintenance-free service. The system is designed to perform its own cleaning on a regular basis.

Why Halo 5 is so Unique
Halo 5 is not an ordinary water purification and conditioner system, when comparing to other systems, Halo 5 is a much more complete system and here is why.

Most water purifiers available for sale in the market today, claim to remove contaminants from the water, which in most cases is true but, the Halo 5 not only does that, the system goes far beyond than just removing contaminants.  The Halo 5 removes and reduces more contaminants out of the water than any other system that I have seen.

What makes Halo 5 so unique is the multi-task technology built in the system. The system is designed not to only purify and condition the water but, has yet another technology designed to change the polarity of the minerals contained in the water, therefore, reducing hardness build-up in piping and fixtures.


Quality of Water Delivered:

Once the water has passed through the 5 stages of the system, the Halo 5 promises to deliver high-quality water and, here is how the water is delivered.
The system delivers chlorine and chloramines free water.

  • Without Chlorine and chloramines, the water will be clearer and odor-free.
  • The water will have its taste improved.
  • Superior water quality than bottled water, tap water.
  • No maintenance for the life of the system
  • Much, much more.
Economic Advantages:
Many are the advantages of owning a Halo 5 water purification system and below you will find some of the most apparent reasons why you should consider having one.
  • It is a fact that our community water is poorly treated.
    Meaning that the government doesn’t do anything to deliver
    high-quality water to our household.
  • It has been also proven that our tap water has numerous
    quantities of harmful contaminants in it, such as chlorine,
    chloramines, by-products, toxic heavy metals, synthetic
    chemicals, parasites and hundreds of other different types
    of contaminants.
  • Owning a Halo will remove a majority of those harmful
    contaminants while reducing many others, therefore, the
    the system will protect and improve the quality of life.
  • It has been proven that a family of four spends about $ 1000
    annually in bottled water.
  • It has also been proven that 50% of bottled water comes
    straight from the tap while virtually all bottled water that is
    exposed to the temperature of 70 degrees or higher will get
    contaminated by the plastic bottle.
  • It is a fact that we all have hard water, no matter where we
    live in the US and, hard water not only causes health
    the problem, it also damages plumbing systems and fixtures, which can be very expensive to replace.

Halo water purification system not only improves water quality, but it also helps protect life and extend the life expectancy of plumbing and fixtures of your home, therefore, it helps us save money in the short and long run.

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