Water Heaters

New Water Heaters Put One of Life’s Simplest Pleasures Within Reach

Why Shiver and Flinch, When a New Water Heater Can Make It All Better?

It’s tucked away out of sight, but your water heater performs a mighty task, heating the water that makes showers delightful, dishwashers effective and taps hot. When it breaks or becomes less effective, it could be time for repair or replacement. Ignore it long enough, and not only will you get the cold shoulder every time you turn on the tap, you’ll also risk water damage in your home.

We offer emergency water heater repairs so that if your hot water goes out, you can get it back as quickly as possible. We’ll always be honest about when a water heater needs replacement so that you don’t end up spending big bucks on a new one when it isn’t necessary. If, for instance, only the heating elements need repair, we’ll perform the service and be on our way.

If you do need a replacement, however, we will give you a range of options that work with your budget and align with your family’s water usage and needs. With our professional-level buying power, we can pass along significant savings on water heaters not otherwise available to homeowners, too.

Ready for the new water heater, or to repair the old one so you can once again enjoy the little comforts in life? You can trust J&L Plumbing & Drain to do the job right – and to treat you right every step of the way.

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